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Partial and Full Loads – Transports to Eastern Europe, All CIS Countries, or Central Asia Professionally Organised and Delivered on Time

In order to ensure the safe and fast shipment of your goods, we offer a comprehensive range of services for both partial and full loads. Upon request, our logistics professionals take on additional services such as customs clearance, insurance services, and will keep country-specific regulations in view for you.

A wide range of vehicles is available for your transport tasks and requirements: Tarpaulin trucks, tautliners, mega trailers, jumbo trailers, box trucks, refrigerated trucks as well as Frigo trucks and Sprinter trucks. For reasons of safety and better planning, all vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art telematics systems for permanent transport monitoring.

Especially for routes involving increased risks, our special services such as convoy support and enhanced security through escort protection are available to you. We moreover only work with very experienced and reliable drivers with knowledge of the relevant official language. The safety of your goods and commodities is our top priority.

Take advantage of our experience and our certified processes. We will not ask you to compromise in regards to delivery punctuality and safety.

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    • Extensive network of partners
    • 24/7 availability of our disposition
    • Comprehensive service offer
    • Comprehensive service offer
    • Permanent transport monitoring

    Partial / Full Loads

    ISDB Logistik offers you a variety of ways to transport your goods and commodities. All options, from full loads to partial loads and additional loads, are at your disposal. As such, you can rely on transport solutions that have been tailored to meet your individual needs.

    What are Partial Loads?

    In case of a partial load, only part of the truck or trailer is filled with the client’s goods. Our shipping company offers you the opportunity to only take up the required space in the truck - and to pay accordingly. Especially in case of frequent and small transports, this can result in significant savings. This load option can thus be understood as a collective transport of sorts. This offering places high demands on both our logistics and timing, since this option requires that more than one destination must to be supplied. Nevertheless, we guarantee that there will be no transshipment of your goods as part of this process. Complete documentation and full control are also guaranteed.

    What are Full Loads?

    In case of a full load, the goods of a single company or a single customer make up the entire load. These goods are usually unloaded at a single destination all at once. All goods or commodities are loaded at the client or shipper location and unloaded at the recipient’s location. During the trip, no manipulation and no transshipments will take place.

    What are Additional Loads?

    An additional load is a door-to-door service for mostly smaller goods or deliveries. In this way, the shipping company ensures an uncomplicated and fast shipment. Moreover, the transport company makes sure that your goods and commodities arrive safely and are quickly delivered from A to B. ISDB Logistik can also offer this service to you, wherefore you can benefit from this cheap and uncomplicated shipping method. Let us advise you what kind of shipment method is suitable for your individual needs. Of course, these consultations are both free from any obligations and free of charge. Trust in ISDB Logistik as a strong partner by your side.

    Slide "Safe, reliable transport implementation and on-time delivery of our shipments are extremely important to us. At ISDB Logistik GmbH, we have found a partner who ensures the reliable delivery our shipments at all times. We are always in the know about the current location of our freight, as the responsible dispatchers are available around the clock."

    Nicolas Waibel
    Würth Logistics AG
    Logistics Solution
    Slide "Since we have been working with ISDB, we have found a competent partner for all transports to Eastern Europe. Our customer reviews show that reliability is the best way to continue to establish our products across the European market. We appreciate the friendliness of all ISDB employees and are always able to rely on the expertise and competence of the team. Nothing is more important to us than knowing our cargo in safe and professional hands."

    Julianna Reppert - International Sales
    Apolo MEA Befestigungssysteme GmbH
    Slide “Schaper & Brümmer’s high-quality medicine products are in demand all over the world. Last but not least, the trusting partnerships with our logistics partners make this success possible. ISDB Logistik GmbH stands for the following for our Eastern European transports:
    S-ervice Orientation

    International Sales Team
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