Slide When Your Cargo Is Toxic or Explosive Hazardous Goods Transportation by ISDB Logistik ISDB Logistik Friedrichshafen Bodensee Gefahrgut ADR When Your Cargo Is Toxic or Explosive Hazardous Goods Transportation by ISDB Logistik

We Transport Dangerous Substances to Eastern Europe, All CIS Countries, and to Central Asia – Day After Day

Benefit from our decades of experience in the planning and handling of transport goods that are explosive, toxic, or otherwise dangerous.

As part of our full-service offering, we take care of all labelling obligations, check all relevant certificates for the transport of hazardous materials, take all relevant country-specific regulations into account, and select the right partners for your transport requirements. In this way, we are able to ensure that your goods get to their destination both quickly and safely.

We will not compromise in regards to our quality promise: We offer you certified processes, a longstanding experience in the transport of hazardous materials, and pay close attention to the strict compliance with any applicable regulations. Our vehicles and drivers fully comply with all ADR regulations.

Trust the specialist for hazardous material transports to Eastern Europe, all CIS countries, and Central Asia. We transport the most hazardous materials on the most dangerous roads in Europe on a daily basis. We are happy to work out your individual hazardous material transport solution for you


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    • Extensive network of partners
    • 24/7 availability of dispositio
    • All vehicles with ADR equipment
    • All drivers have ADR certificate
    • Transportation of all classes except 1 and 7

    Transporting hazardous materials or dangerous goods involves the transport of goods, which, by virtue of their physical or chemical properties, can endanger humans, animals, or the environment. As a freight forwarding company, ISDB Logistik can look back on the relevant experience, especially in the transport of dangerous goods and hazardous materials to Eastern Europe, all CIS countries, and Central Asia. Therein, particular attention must be paid to the relevant safety measures and compliance with the guidelines and requirements of the respective states. If your freight forwarding and logistics company does not properly implement and adhere to these guidelines and requirements, drastic fines are to be expected.
    An ADR transport is a dangerous goods transport with permission to operate on international roads. ADR transports have to be completed in accordance with special guidelines; all drivers and participants must be able to prove their competence by means of an ADR certificate.

    What Are Dangerous Goods?

    Dangerous goods are hazardous chemical, biological, or even radioactive substances. These substances have to be transported because they are simply needed for our daily lives. Whether for genetic engineering or for research, for nuclear medicine, for drug production, for energy production, for measuring or control technology - these substances are always used and the task of logistics and freight forwarding companies is thus to safely deliver these hazardous goods to their final destination.

    ISDB Logistik GmbH – Your Specialist for Hazardous Material Transports

    All dangerous goods are transported both safely and in accordance with the respective guidelines using our ADR transporters. All vehicles used feature the latest ADR equipment and comply with international standards. Of course, all of our drivers possess valid ADR certificates. In addition, our drivers are continuously trained and educated and not only possess many years of experience, but also contemporary know-how. We regularly carry out close as well as random checks and keep the demands on our transports high. Class 1 and 7 dangerous goods are excluded from our transports.

    Slide "Safe, reliable transport implementation and on-time delivery of our shipments are extremely important to us. At ISDB Logistik GmbH, we have found a partner who ensures the reliable delivery our shipments at all times. We are always in the know about the current location of our freight, as the responsible dispatchers are available around the clock."

    Nicolas Waibel
    Würth Logistics AG
    Logistics Solution
    Slide "Since we have been working with ISDB, we have found a competent partner for all transports to Eastern Europe. Our customer reviews show that reliability is the best way to continue to establish our products across the European market. We appreciate the friendliness of all ISDB employees and are always able to rely on the expertise and competence of the team. Nothing is more important to us than knowing our cargo in safe and professional hands."

    Julianna Reppert - International Sales
    Apolo MEA Befestigungssysteme GmbH
    Slide “Schaper & Brümmer’s high-quality medicine products are in demand all over the world. Last but not least, the trusting partnerships with our logistics partners make this success possible. ISDB Logistik GmbH stands for the following for our Eastern European transports:
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