Thermo Transports: Where We Leave Nothing to Chance

ISDB Logistik guarantees the secure transport of your sensitive and temperature-sensitive goods in a stable climate – regardless of the outside temperatures and other environmental factors all throughout the year.

Given our sophisticated service concept and Europe-wide network, we are able to ship your goods while maintaining a constant, individual temperature window from -25 °C to +25 °C. For temperature-controlled transports, we only use vehicles with state-of-the-art cooling technology as well as GDP certification if required.

Due to our specialisation in transports to CIS countries and Eastern Europe, we are able to rely on a wide network of qualified partners. This allows us to offer the right solution for almost every transport task in the shortest possible time. Whether you are interested in double-decker specialised transports or permanent temperature monitoring including a temperature protocol – ISDB Logistik is your partner for your safe and well thought-out logistics solution for all thermo transports – featuring 24/7 support and availability.

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    Thermo transports make special demands on the entire transport process. The goods and commodities that need to be transported have to be shipped independently of any external influences and temperature differences - regardless of whether they are transported to warm southern countries or to cooler regions. ISDB Logistik ships sensitive goods and commodities at exactly the right temperature in order to be able to meet the pre-specified targets as well as to ensure that the respective quality specifications are met.

    Whether perishable goods, plants, food, or hypersensitive pharmaceutical products need to be transported: Thermo transports guarantee the optimal transport conditions. ISDB Logistik is your specialist for thermo and food transports - regardless of whether the goods need to be transported at -25°C or +25°C.

    The Right Timing Thanks to Our Perfectly Sophisticated Software

    ISDB Logistik guarantees optimal thermo shipments thanks to its sophisticated cooled or heated thermal-transport technologies. Our thermo shipping company has refrigerated vehicles, which are equipped with the latest technologies, at its disposal. We offer the professional planning and implementation of your thermo transport, whether you are looking for short-term transports, tradeshow food transports, pharmaceutical transports, or long-haul transports.
    Let us advise you today - free of charge and without any obligations whatsoever. We are your reliable transport partner for all food and sensitive goods transports that have to be transported under certain temperature conditions.

    Close Monitoring and Evaluation

    We are equipped with the know-how to be able to transport particularly sensitive goods and commodities – now you can benefit from our experience. During any transport, we continuously and seamlessly monitor the temperature of the transport. Our devices are always up to the latest technology standard and state of the art. The entire transport is monitored and documented for compliance with the agreed guidelines via a temperature protocol.